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June '22 Product Update - Frequently Bought Together

In our bid to make Monk app a holistic AOV optimization solution for Shopify stores, we've added the capability to set-up a Frequently Bought Together (FBT) widget using the app - here's how our solution is better than others.

We've been building Monk app for Shopify stores for nearly a year now with a three pronged focus - Firstly, building it as an all-in-one upsell/cross sell/bundle solution such that stores which make use of Monk don't need several individual AOV optimization/enhancement apps (reducing the negative impact of multiple apps' JavaScript on site performance & eliminating cross compatibility issues across different apps). Secondly, to ensure our pop ups and widgets are customizable enough to fit natively within the UX of a store. Thirdly, to do out best to show clear ROI impact of the app on overall store revenues.

Keeping in line with the above vision, merchants can now set-up FBT widgets on their product page using Monk and use it seamlessly along with our existing suite of cart upsell/cross sell features.

mobile preview of FBT widget

There are several apps on the Shopify app store that allow a merchant to set-up a widget like this on the product page, here are 3 major ways how our solution is superior that the status quo:

1. Handling for out of stock products

Let's assume you've set-up an FBT bundle of 3 products & one of them goes out of stock - with most other apps, the offer widget will not function as intended and throw an error not allowing the customer to add the bundle to cart - resulting in a poor user experience & adding the extra hassle of checking quantities of all SKUs before setting up the widget. At Monk, we've solved for this by simply auto-removing the out of stock product and show it as a bundle of 2. Once the product is back in stock, the 3rd product will subsequently be auto added back to the widget UI.

all 3 in stock
product #2 out of stock

2. Discounting flexibility and partial discounting

Keeping in mind the fact that discounts play a key role in enhancing AOVs, FBT widgets set-up using Monk can offer discounts in 3 ways: - Show compare-at prices of the offered/bundled products rather than their actual prices. This way there's no additional discount that's being applied by the app and the widget only shows the native discount set via the Shopify admin dashboard.

- Show 1 single discount on the overall bundle price. Something like "Buy these together and get 20% off"

- Show partial discounts on the overall bundle price if only some products are availed instead of the entire bundle (or if some products go out of stock)

Example: Let's assume you set-up an FBT widget that offers Shoes + Socks + Shoe Polish as a bundle with a 20% discount on the total. Using Monk you can set-up a partial discounting logic where if only 2 are of the 3 are availed the discount drops to 10% and if only 1 product is availed the discount drops down to 0%.

3. Highly customizable

You can choose to display the offer widget based on specific products or product collections. You can also customize it based on the value of the products (Example: show FBT widget only on product pages of products in collection X with price >=$40). Right from the fonts to the alignment to colors - you can customize the look and feel of the widget according to your theme & design language. If you wish to play around with the position of the widget based on device (mobile/desktop) simply reach out to us via chat or email support ( and we'll get it done for you.


Interested in testing this feature for your store or on a client's store? Book a demo call and we'll walk you through the app & help set-up the FBT widget exactly as you want.

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