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Happy Wagon sees 100% increase in free gift coverage using Monk!

By using Monk’s in-cart offer widget, Happy Wagon were able to double their free gift coverage and provide a seamless experience to their customers.

Happy Wagon curates & merchandises products created by artists like Alicia Souza & Aishwarya Vohra. The website is designed & maintained by the team at Quirkyheads who specialize in handling website design & marketing for several notable Indian DTC brands hosted on Shopify.


Happy Wagon uses free gifts as a core part of their AOV enhancement & retention/loyalty strategy. The website offers two tiers of free gifts - 1 free gift worth INR 799 for customers with cart value between INR 999 and INR 2999 - 1 free gift worth INR 2592 for customers with cart value greater than INR 3000

The announcement bar at the top of the website is used to communicate to all users about these free gift offers & their goal is to ensure as many eligible customers as possible take up the offer based on their cart values. They've observe an increase in AOV as well as higher repeat rates of customers who take up the free gift offers.

User Flow before Monk:

To avail the offer, a customer would have to go to a separate tab named "Offers", add the relevant free gift to their cart followed by copying a 100% off discount code that would be visible inside the cart and then finally applying this code on checkout. This would take 4 different clicks and a large proportion of customers would get missed out.

Strategy & Results

Team Monk collaborated with Quirkyheads & Happy Wagon to offer these tiered free gifts using Monk's widget inside the slide cart drawer. The widget has a clear "add to cart" button so that interested customers can add the free gift to cart just with 1 single click. Monk's widget UIs are highly customizable and designed keeping in mind a seamless user experience especially on mobile phones.

Logics were set up inside Monk app to ensure that the right free gift offer was showcased to the right customer cohorts, so buyers with cart values less than INR 999 did not see any offer, buyers with cart value more than INR 999 but less than INR 2999 saw one kind of free gift & buyers with cart value greater than INR 2999 saw a different kind of free gift.

To ensure each user only took 1 unit of a free gift, quantities were restricted from within the app such that if any further units (>1) were added, they would be charged the base value of the free gift product.

Adding Monk's widget to the Happy Wagon store we observed a near total coverage of eligible users taking up the free gift option which is more than a 2x increase from the previous user journey. Eligible customers can now avail the offer with just a single click from within the slide cart drawer itself.

Want to see if Monk can meet your upsell & cross sell needs? Let’s chat. To keep up with the latest trends, platform updates, and more, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter. Visit the online store here. To know more about Quirkyheads click here.

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