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  • Writer's pictureRavish sees 15%+ of monthly revenues coming from Monk at 50x ROI

Monk’s suite of AOV enhancing features help drive 15%+ of's monthly sales! is a home furnishing brand that creates high quality, handmade bedsheets, pillow covers, cushion covers and more. Started 26 years ago, as a brick and mortar store in the heart of Mumbai, they launched their Shopify website in early 2022 & have grown ~10x in just 10 months.

Challenges is run by a small team of hustlers led by Huzefa, the founder. They manage everything in-house, right from ads to conversion optimization to shipping and returns. The store has a few best selling, hero products along with a wide inventory of extremely complimentary products that are ripe for cross selling and bundling. Given their constraints of being a lean team without an in-house developer they opted to use Monk to run several offers & experiments on their store to figure out which strategy works best to drive incremental sales.

Strategy & Results

If used effectively, Shopify's native cart page/drawer can be a conversion machine, driving extra sales with minimal effort. Hence, the first thing that was setup using Monk was a cross sell widget embedded inside the cart page. Most themes have a cart page/drawer that has a lot of empty real estate which can be used to drive incremental sales without hampering overall conversion rates. A highly relevant + discounted cross sell offer on the cart step based on the products already in cart can prove to be very effective.

This was supplemented with a tiered cart progress bar nudging customers to add more products and avail free shipping. A highly relevant in-cart offer supplemented by a cart progress bar with the right milestones and rewards can prove to be a very powerful setup based on the store's niche and target audience.

Once this setup was live and showing results, a product page bundle was setup using Monk - along the lines of Buy 2 and Get X% off - right below the add to cart button. Displaying on one of the best selling products of the store - the net increase in sales here offsets the marginal loss from the additional discount.

15%+ of their monthly sales is now attributed to Monk with all of the above features playing different roles in different buying journeys and working in conjunction to drive impact. The app is currently operating at a 50x ROI and takes only 0.5 day per month for the app to drive enough incremental sales to achieve break even on it's monthly costs.

A few other experiments were also run like a pop up to upgrade to a premium-er variant or a post purchase offer but they didn’t yield as high impact as the ones mentioned above. AOV enhancement is an experimental approach where a brands needs to run tests & figure out which exact offers, placements & UI layouts work for your niche and target customers - this is precisely why we’ve built Monk as an all-in-one upsell/cross sell app so that stores on Shopify can run multiple tests in parallel and scale the ones that work without having to install an app for each such micro experiment. Want to see if Monk can meet your upsell & cross sell needs? Let’s chat. To keep up with the latest trends, platform updates, and more, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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